Whether we are sanding and finishing hardwood floors that we have recently installed, or restoring an existing floor to its original beauty, we are experts at hardwood floor refinishing.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Restoration - RENEW THE LOOK OF YOUR FLOORING

Refinishing involves sanding off the existing finish and stain down to the bare wood and then re-staining and/or refinishing the raw wood. Sanding will remove scratches and stains. Many times, homeowners have their floors refinished to make them look new again or to change the color of the stain. Others have torn up carpet and want to refinish the hardwood floors underneath.

Refinishing floors used to be a dust-filled nightmare. Not anymore! We use the highly regarded Bona® Dust Collection System.

Read more about the Bona® Dustless sanding process using the link below.

Bona Dustless Sanding System

Read more about the Bona® Dustless sanding process.